The idea of St Louis’s first prop studio began in such a non-traditional way; by accident.

Our owner, CJ, posted to social media a picture of her Saturday cleaning routine of her living room, and the picture received little to no responses. The one and only DM that she received changed her whole outlook and was the impetus for The Living Room. That DM specifically asked if the space could be used for a photoshoot. With the entrepreneur mindset that she has, that one inquiry turned into a business operated strictly out of her living room with the only stipulation that the space be used for creative purposes only.

She hosted photo shoots, video shoots, weekly podcasts and more. The opportunity to expand even further came about when one of her clients asked about creating a full size set for a video shoot. She did it, again and again. Now that she was offering 2 services, it became very clear that there was a need for this amongst the creative community. CJ wanted to provide a space where creatives could not only benefit from both services she provided, but elevate and maximize their craft. Hence the idea of “The Living Room, Studio and Creative Space”; a prop studio dedicated to elevating the work of visual artists through education and resources.